1. My porch, Mono deal, dark chocolate + MKTO were all pieces of a great evening.
But the best part was when he said yes to our GEM.

    My porch, Mono deal, dark chocolate + MKTO were all pieces of a great evening.

    But the best part was when he said yes to our GEM.

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  2. For everything that’s happened, I’m so thankful. Thank You, for my life and strength.

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  3. Us the Duo <3

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  4. Foot Long Hot Blog is here

    Check out my new food blog I’ve started with my partner !

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  5. awwww-cute:

He didn’t like being barricaded in the office on a Saturday


    He didn’t like being barricaded in the office on a Saturday

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  6. He loves her because of everything she is.

    She’s become a better her because of his love.

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  7. From every strand of hair on her head, to her tiny toes. Her dark brown eyes when they light up from his jokes. The curves of her smile when he touches her hand. The look she has when she’s thinking. The crinkle on her nose when she’s worried. In his mind, she is the most beautiful woman he’s ever met inside and out.

    He didn’t know what this was before, or thought that he was capable. Not in the three decades he’s been alive, meeting people from all over the world. He knows it now; he knows that he is in love. But he’s in love with the broken hearted.

    She’s been here before, and it’s easy to be in love. But she’s also discovered that it’s easy to fall out of love.

    As she puts back all her pieces, she watches his efforts to show her otherwise.

    Slowly, she falls for his patience

    and everything about him too.

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  8. You learn to let go, when you get hurt.

    When your best is not good for someone, it’s time to realize that it might not ever be. They won’t change how they feel and you can never be anyone else but you.

    The only thing to do is to always try to be the best version of you. Be kind. Be accepting. Be mindful. Be whatever it means to be a better person and you can’t do anything else but say you gave it your best.

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  9. Faith

    I will admit, that these past few months, even years, my faith has slowly diminished little by little. And slowly I started to believe that I was doing better without it. My life on this earth to say the least is really great. I have everything I could need and want. I have amazing people in my life and everything came easy.

    But something was always missing and talking to friends or my boyfriend would only help for a moment. The questions were still there. The doubt was still there and tucked away to re-emerge at another time.

    So I lived my life how I was. Going through the motions.

    It was only until my favourite minister who I haven’t spoken to in so long, approached me out of the blue and decided to give me a talk.

    I felt more of the Holy Spirit talking to him for 20 minutes than I have the past few years. And it made me realize that someone is obviously looking out for me despite my disregard for Him.

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  10. 2014

    What a crazy year so far.

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    The Trouble With Wonder Woman

    DC needs to get their act together!

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  12. When is Girl meets world startin?!

    When is Girl meets world startin?!

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  14. Fall in love with someone who wants you, who waits for you. who understands you even in the madness; someone who helps you, and guides you, someone who is your support, your hope. Fall in love with someone who talks with you after a fight. Fall in love with someone who misses you and wants to be with you. Do not fall in love only with a body or with a face; or with the idea of being in love.
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