1. Unexpected

    I honestly didn’t think seeing them yesterday would turn out as it did. The love and hospitality as if nothing changed. I’m so lucky to have been a part of that.

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  2. Today was not the greatest day.

    I was tired. I was overwhelmed. Confused. Burnt out. Cranky. Nothing was going right.

    All of that changed when my friend messaged me being so shaken from just witnessing a suicide.

    Was she okay? Was anyone else hurt? I then forgot my bad day entirely.

    I remembered my brother had married the love of his life. I remembered the people that love me. And the people that I love. I worked on a very stressful but fun project today. I have a roof over my head. Last night, I had a wonderful evening learning more about cooking then catching up on our show.

    I have bad days, but I don’t ever feel the need to rid my self of every day. Because there is always something good about each day. Even when it doesn’t seem like it. I guess it’s just unfortunate that it took someone else’s life to remember that.

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  4. Let go of the things that no longer serve you.

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  5. *Reminder to self.

    *Reminder to self.

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  6. Oh those Samoyed smiles.

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  7. Change isn’t always easy. Lately I’ve been looking back a lot at my comfort zone. Back to what I’m used to, what I miss. Old habits die hard, right? I have to keep reminding myself that change never happens within your comfort zone. There are so many things I need to work on. And there is no doubt in my mind that once this has passed, no matter how painful growth can be, it is for the better.

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  8. Look how far we’ve come. Keep going.

    I still believe, no matter what you say.

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  9. Typically whenever I or my significant other goes on vacation, I am more than happy about the distance and for the trip to be experienced alone. “I’ll tell you everything when I get back.”

    But this time around I need to hear from him. I want to know how his trip is. I want to tell him how I’m feeling about mine. My day is not the same without talking to him.

    Excuse me while I go look over all our pictures and messages.

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  10. I am myself.

    What a strange, wannabe-poetic expression but currently, this is what I feel and this is what I’ve been told. It’s almost like I don’t need to be “on” all the time. Doing or saying things because I think that’s what someone else likes. I’ve always enjoyed someone I could be around in my PJ’s and no make-up on, but this is on a different level of comfort. It’s some sort of contentment but not quite as flat. I seem to be “on” without even trying.

    I feel like myself. Really and truly - more in my own skin than I have been in a very long time.

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  11. Family ❤️

    Family ❤️

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  12. Mom x2

    I spent my last 2 days of the long weekend with my mother. I promised her that when I get home this weekend, I would dedicate all of my time for her. Living in different cities doesn’t allow us to do that often anymore and I think we both needed it.

    I cannot describe how crazy my mom can drive me sometimes. But I also cannot put into perfect words how much she means to me. How much she’s done for me and how she has helped mold me into the person I am today.

    She has helped me accomplish things that I could never have done at my age on my own. There is no way I would own a house without her. Or even be a yoga teacher. An art director. And soon dive into the world of culinary arts.

    My mom has always been there to help me support what I always believed: to follow your passions. I lost it for a while, but it only takes a bit of patience and someone who loves you to help you get back on track.

    And when I am so driven by my own wants, passions, she will always ground me with love and just being a good person (even though it’s not so easy sometimes haha).

    I just wanted to take this morning to say that God has blessed me with the most amazing person to raise me, take care of me, and love me for everything that I am.

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  14. This delicious bacon n’ mac n’ cheese was $4.95. Along with EVERYTHING else we ate. Find out where in Toronto here :)

    This delicious bacon n’ mac n’ cheese was $4.95. Along with EVERYTHING else we ate. Find out where in Toronto here :)

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  15. My porch, Mono deal, dark chocolate + MKTO were all pieces of a great evening.
But the best part was when he said yes to our GEM.

    My porch, Mono deal, dark chocolate + MKTO were all pieces of a great evening.

    But the best part was when he said yes to our GEM.

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